Contactless QR Menu Generator

Replace your physical menu with a QR code digital menu. Made for restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels.

Digital Menu

Your digital menu can be viewed on any mobile device, without having to download an app. Customers instantly access your digital menu by scanning the QR code with their phone’s camera.

Go Contacless

Customers are demanding a more “contactless” experience due to COVID-19. Your guests can scan the QR code to check-in on their mobile device. It only takes a few seconds.

No Installations

No need to download any applications or install anything on your computer or the mobile, simply access anytime via browser from any device from anywhere in the world.

Greener & Cheaper

Minimize your use of single use paper printed menus and price lists — and save money in these challenging times for businesses. It’s time to become an eco-friendly restaurant.


See how it works

Chefzilla lets you quickly create and print QR Codes. When your customers scan a QR Code, they will be shown your mobile friendly menu. Your waitstaff will take their order as they always have.

Take Chefzilla for a test drive by scanning the image to the left with your mobile phone’s camera app.

Some Awesome Features

It's way better

QR Menus are way better than printed out-of-date tradional menus.

Unlimited Items

Add as many menu items as you wish, change them as often as you want.

Elegant & Perfect

With a cutting-edge interface, your customers will experience a great visual.

Eco Friendly

No more printed papers lying around your restaurant. Be an eco-friendly restaurant.

In-Depth Analytics

Get great in-depth statistics and learn what your customers love the most.

Web Based

No need to install anything, just access anytime via browser from any device.

Unbeatable Pricing

Unlimited Possibilities

just $29 for lifetime

Mobile first & friendly design for your customers

We use a rich mobile template that uses familiar user interface design best practices so your customers can dive in right away.

A better option than PDFs

Uploading a PDF menu to your website and then asking customers to view it on mobile devices results in a clunky and frustrating experience.

PDFs aren’t really meant to be viewed on mobile devices — they’re better for documents that are destined for print.

No downloads to view or manage

There’s no need to download any app or software to view or edit our menus or price lists.

No one — not you, your staff or customers — will have to download anything as long as their phone comes with a modern web browser.